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If you're planning a party, Bar/Bat Mitzvah or wedding celebration, the music of STEVE TAPPER AND AUDIE BRIDGES may be just what you need for that extra special touch. This distinctive flute and guitar duo has been performing together since 1986, and their unique and varied repertoire includes selections from many styles - popular music, classical music, jazz, folk music, and music from many parts of the world (including a complete repertoire of Jewish music).

Tapper and Bridges usually perform as a duo, but when it is appropriate, they add other musicians and perform as a trio, quartet, or quintet. Steve plays flute, alto flute, bass flute, piccolo, 8-keyed flute, Renaissance flute and recorders, while Audie plays classical, steel-string, twelve-string, and electric guitars, and laud.
By using carefully selected microphones and a state-of-the-art sound system, Steve and Audie are able to amplify their instruments in a manner which is natural and beautiful, creating a pleasant sound which can
be heard thoughout the entire room without overpowering conversation or other activities. On some songs they tastefully use backing tracks of bass and drums , which allows them to produce a full band sound when performing as a duo.

Whether you are looking for traditional or creative music, STEVE TAPPER AND AUDIE BRIDGES can provide professional musical entertainment which will enhance the beauty and joy of your special occasion. They can provide ceremony music, background music, and music for dancing.

Please call 781-344-2023 or 781-245-8302 or email for information and demo tape.

Letters of Recommendation for Tapper and Bridges

"Joy filled the whole space... A class act that adds to any occasion a touch of elegance...An atmosphere of warmth and joy, without schmaltz and loudness...It was a pleasure to have both of you in our home...Great flexibility and breadth of material...An atmosphere that encouraged friendly conversation yet captured the special nature of the day... Sounds that ebbed and flowed and seemed to reflect perfectly the mood of the party... A mood of cheerful grace and ease... Your music spoke elegantly and eloquently to the occasion. We wanted informal beauty and that is exactly what you gave us."

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"Steve Tapper and Audie Bridges provide a more refined to play anything from jazz to classical to popular."

--Joseph Mont
South Shore Business Journal

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By putting their souls in the music, (Tapper and Bridges) have made their work at bar and bat mitzvahs, weddings and social occasions as "legitimate" as the music made in nightclubs and coffeehouses. Call it real folk music.

Daniel Gewertz
Boston Herald Folk Music Columnist
(Shalom Aleichem liner notes)  

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