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"Jewish music is a difficult sound to pinpoint. The rhythms tend to flow together at all different paces, which paves the way for entrancing melodies by the flute, at least in the case of musicians Steve Tapper and Audie Bridges. Their latest album, "Shalom Aleichem," covers 72 minutes of Jewish music, which ranges from peaceful and soothing to upbeat and danceable."
-Jill Anderson, Wakefield Observer


"Tapper and Bridges are breaking some of the barriers normally associated with instrumental music. Their variety and skill give them wide appeal."
- Daniel Rose, Metronome Magazine


"Steve and Audie are both artists and craftsmen, composers and performers of the highest order whose mastery of technique is put at the service of emotional and spiritual expression...This is music which lifts the spirit, engages the heart, and will hold the interest of any music lover, from the neophyte to the professional."
- Carole Friedman,
Somerville Museum (Somerville, MA)


"On a pair of albums, "Simple Gifts" and "Island Dance", they've displayed a gentle but lively sound, underpinned with a firm, jazzy sense of rhythm and expanded by adventuresome musical ideas."
- John Lehman,
The Quincy (MA) Patriot Ledger


"Refreshing, relaxing, and accessible to any audience"
- Ron Della Chiesa,
WGBH Radio (Boston, MA)


"It's hard to find music so full of joy, so bright, and guileless as this.Drawing on many musical styles and nuances, this always stays light and bouyant, like a carefree summer on a Carribean island."

-Wahaba Heartsun
Heartsong Review

Letters of Recommendation for Tapper and Bridges

"A class act that adds to any occasion a touch of elegance...An atmosphere of warmth and joy, without schmaltz and loudness...Great flexibility and breadth of material...An atmosphere that encouraged friendly conversation yet captured the special nature of the day... Sounds that ebbed and flowed and seemed to reflect perfectly the mood of the party... A mood of cheerful grace and ease... informal beauty."

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