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Tapper and Bridges

October 9, 2000

Dear Steve and Audie,

Thanks for the copy of your new collection of Jewish music, "Shalom Aleichem". In honor of Yom Kippur, we played four cuts off of it today and had very positive response from Jewish and other listeners to our "memories" station, WOCN-FM on Cape Cod. Best wishes for success in the future with this fine music!
--Dave Read, WOCN-FM, "Ocean104"


August 18, 1989

Dear Steve and Audie:

Just a note of thanks for your album Island Dance. Here at 'JIB, we are
inundated daily with soundalikes - it's a real job to get something that
stands out from the crowd.
In NAC RADIO, "World Beat" music is something that is more
aggresively marketed, but still too extreme for our core audience who are
coming from a previously easy listening formatted station. With your Island
Dance, I'm thrilled to find a variety of pieces offering great Afro/Latin
rhythms which are savvy enough for our new listeners (primarily ages 25-54
years) without alienating the core who are just becoming acquainted with
this music.
We are happy to add to our playlist the following cuts: "Allesandra
Marie", "Blue Pearl", and "Lullaby for Marie Andre." My personal favorites
includes "Kids" and "Sunrise".
Thanks for making my job a little easier.

Anne Williams
WJIB-FM, Boston, MA

December 23, 1991

Tired of schlocky shopping mall holiday music? Here, finally is a gem of an
album that wears well on otherwise worn-out ears.
Superb flutist Steve Tapper and sensitive guitarist Audie Bridges
have combined classical and jazz styles to create an enjoyable package of
Christmas and Hannukah classics, plus some well-crafted originals to savor
year round.
WQRC listeners' reaction to this Simple Gifts CD have been simply
amazing: all asking where to get it. We've gotten good calls on "Joy to the
World", "White Christmas", and "Jingle Bells."
After the holidays, we plan to add "Song for Debra" to our playlist
along with some tracks from the first Tapper and Bridges CD, Island Dance.
This is instrumental music with a thoughtful foreground quality that invites
you to listen again and again.

Dave Read
AM Cape Cod
WQRC-FM, Hyannis, MA

November 30, 1990

I've just had the great pleasure of previewing Simple Gifts by Steve Tapper
and Audie Bridges. A holiday feast for the ears will play all year
round. I know it will get lots of air here.

Terry Carpenter
WYCE-FM, Wyoming, MI

December 12, 1990

Thanks for sending your two CDs. The jazz guys ate 'em up' we used "Kids" to
intro our kids show; and we've put "Simple Gifts" in our holiday materials
box. We know good stuff when we hear it!

Elise Bowen
WOMR-FM, Provincetown, MA

Jnauary 25, 1992

Thanks for sending Island Dance and Simple Gifts..I did have a chance to
listen to your two CD's and am really impressed. Very nice melodies. Here's
the planned airplay:

Artist                                Title               Minimum # of tracks played
Steve Tapper & Audie Bridges          Island Dance                   4
Steve Tapper & Audie Bridges          Simple Gifts                    2

Alain Tai
Atmospheric Conditions
WCWM-FM, Williamsburg, VA


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